Chinese Dinner for Two

Last week Neil Richmund and I stopped at a local venue and we noticed an interesting pattern. Think about this “notice” in your business and make sure you learn from this lesson and not your own. 

We were greeted warmly and seated right away by the lone waitress and our order was taken promptly as expected and so far so good. Here’s where the lesson begins… When our drinks were brought to the table, Neil’s was brought and the waitress left to get mine. She brought the drinks separately. This may be some kind of protocol in Asia that we were not familiar with nor had we experienced ever before. It was odd enough that we both noticed. 

When she brought our entrée she set them both on an adjacent table. Then she went to another table to get their drink orders. She delivered the drinks to that table in the same fashion as she had delivered ours…separately. Meanwhile, our entrées were still sitting on that adjacent table. Then she went to our sitting entrées, picked them up and delivered them to our table. After the delivery she went to the kitchen once more and returned with the rice portion of our meal. Although the meal was delicious, both Neil and I were very observant of her behavior and excessive movement and very haphazard activity. 

Here’s the lesson… in your business are you efficient? Is there a process to which all adhere? There should be. I learned from Michael Gerber himself many years ago that… “the way we do it here” is as important and what you do. Michael used the example of McDonalds, a multi-billion dollar operation usually manned by high school students that follow a “this is how we do it here” system. A McDonalds hamburger here in Brownsburg tastes the same as one you would buy from a McDonalds location in Cook Minnesota or Butte Montana. 

Take the time to map out your processes! How do you bring on a new client? How do you deliver your main product or service? You’ll be amazed when you map out the processes in your business how much it helps with on-boarding of new employees and making your business one that is sought after time and time again. I’ll be glad to help!

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