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Building to Excellence:

A Guide to Building Authentic Success

What makes a small business successful? The small business OWNER – you.

Not just what you do, but the person you are. Standards are one thing, but having a core belief in seeking authentic excellence in everything you do, say and produce can mean the difference between getting by and flying high with a successful, fulfilling and financially profitable business.

Sometimes people are successful but not using ALL of their potential. Building to Excellence reveals how to develop awareness and strategies to grow personally to be the best at everything you do – to strive to achieve excellence.

Excellence is going as far as you can with what you have and is a major factor in consistently finding success.

You won’t want to miss out on this guide for the rest of your life! Pursue all of your potential by learning:

•How to increase the No. 1 ingredient to being successful in your work and in your personal life: your passion
•A definitive road map to your purpose, vision and goals
•How to do what you need to do to get the job done; a proven system to help you get – and stay – in the action
•How to improve your business and personal skills and knowledge to become better than good, becoming great
•The 5 principles to develop those around you
•3 strategies to develop and maintain the tenacity and perseverance to stay on track with your goals and objectives

Building to Excellence is the definitive Guide to Building Authentic Success in every aspect of your life. Filled with practical and immediately implementable ideas and systems, you won’t turn a page without being inspired to change your mindset, your habits and your future.

This book will be one you return to time and time again until it is worn and dog-earred.

Best Practices for Networking Success: Turn Talk into Clients

​Jack it UP! Leverage Your Way to Greater Profits

If you were doing something wrong... how soon would you want to know about it?

When you are networking to grow your client list and business, you CANNOT afford to just leave it to chance.

Business Coach Jack Klemeyer provides you with step-by-step instructions to quit just socializing and apply a strategic approach to networking. This is an approach that is guaranteed to make a huge difference in not only how you network, but in the results you get for your business.