How Successful People Think – Focused Thinking

While taking a dozen or so folks through the John Maxwell online course: How Successful People Think, this session on Focused Thinking was very impactful to all. Give it a watch and let me know your thoughts. You might want to purchase the online course too. It sells for $397 but during the holiday rollout it’s on sale for $197 but… and it’s a BIG BUT… As a John Maxwell Coach, Speaker and Trainer, I can offer the entire course for a limited time for only $99. Click here to take advantage of this offer.

There are thirteen video lessons from John Maxwell like this one and there are also thirteen application videos delivered by the CEO of John’s companies, Mark Cole. There are eleven different ways successful people think and two additional video lessons for a total of thirteen great video lessons teaching How Successful People Think.

By the end the How Successful People Think program, you will be able to: 

  • Identify the exact thinking habits that are stunting your growth.
  • Learn how to replace those old habits with 11 new thinking types.
  • Strengthen your personal leadership skills.
  • Develop big-picture thinking to identify blind spots in your team.
  • Improve your team’s level of engagement.
  • Increase buy-in for your ideas inside your organization.
  • Become the go-to thought partner in your company.