For Rapport Watch What Words Are Used

Next time you have the opportunity to overhear a conversation begin to notice the words being said. Each person has a preferred way of capturing and then reliving their world. We either use Visual words, Auditory words or Kinesthetic (feeling) words. Do you see what I mean here? How about Does that sound good? or maybe you might prefer… How do you feel about that?

Matching those words will quickly build rapport. Which is usually what the goal of a meeting is all about… there are times when breaking rapport is most helpful. Let’s say you are having a conversation with a person who, just doesn’t get that the conversation is putting you to sleep. Try miss-matching those words… When that person says, “So you see…” You can reply, “Yes, I hear you.”

Watch what happens as you do that a couple of times… The “intruder” will begin to look for a way to exit the conversation. When is feel’s right, you might conclude the conversation first or as you hear others talking, you can listen in to those conversations. Have fun with this… and most importantly, notice the results you get. That’s the key!

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