Networking Follow-up Guide


You made it to another networking event and met several new people who could be good clients for you. You probably also met other people that you liked, but who might not fit into your target market. And…where do you go from there?

I get asked that question A LOT.

I like to network and meet lots of people including small business owners and other business professionals. In fact, I have been named one of the Top 50 Connectors in the Indianapolis area. Because I am asked about how to network and use the connections from events to grow business, I wrote a book, Turn Talk into Clients: Best Practices for Networking Success.

I also created this Networking Follow-up Guide derived from C.J. Hayden’s 28-day program Get Clients Now!™. Download it and use it. I can just about guarantee you will discover that you CAN get clients from networking.

Networking Follow-Up Guide

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