Speaking Excellence-Logo-SMALLOne FULL Day of advanced presentation skills and training with video and feedback with Tommy Richardson and Jack Klemeyer. Learn with your peers, a small, intimate group… Only 6 people per Speaking Excellence Training Session all focused on using speaking to grow their business.

You’ll learn a proven model of how to incorporate speaking into your business building process. Whether you’ll selling a service, a concept or a tangible product this session will show you how to get it done successfully.

You’ll receive…

  • 100 Page Speaking Excellence Resource Binder
    • Resource binder includes scripts, examples of inquiry letters, P.R. kit examples, One-Page examples and exactly how to find and secure speaking engagements. It’s a step-by-step blueprint for launching your Speaking2Sell strategy
  • Hands on help in properly structuring your talk
  • Practice Your Talk in Front of Live Audience
  • Real-time Feedback for your peers and expert facilitators
  • Your Talk and feedback is recorded – you’ll even get a DVD of your talk and feedback!
  • Limited to only 6 participants
  • Hands on support from experts at speaking
  • An encouraging and supporting relationship with Tommy and me
  • Lunch is provided!

Both Tommy and I have seen sessions similar to Speaking Excellence cost as much as $1,199. per participant. We’ve both personally paid as much as  $500 and $600 dollars per training to learn how to present better. We we train together commercially we command $3,000 for 1 day of training!

Speaking Excellence is being offered for a limited time for $395 per person. Find out more here

You may be skeptical about the Speaking2Sell program and you may think I’m kidding about how well this program teaches people just like you to grow their business by speaking.

But I am dead serious about Speaking2Sell. I’ve done it, I’ve taught others to do it and we all know IT WORKS! I can give you testimonials:

“I have been speaking for many years, have been very involved in speaking and selling, and this
workshop today pulled it all together.” – Tommy Richardson

And now from a successful businesswoman…

“I know I can use the skills I’ve learned here over and over again to continue
connecting with my ideal clients. Thanks, Jack!” – Alyssa Johnson

Or, how about this one from a professional who provides outsourced CFO skills to businesses of all sizes…

“I was excited to get to hear where to find people to connect with and to learn
about what kind of content to put out there. I basically got 15-years-worth of
experience from guys who have been doing this.” –Austin Lehman

Here’s one more from a professional wedding planner…

“If you are looking for a program that will actually help you make money while
speaking and increase your reputation, this is it!” –Crista Tharp

Speaking Excellence is being offered for a limited time for $395 per person. Find out more here