Mastermind - A group of smart people who meet monthly to tackle challenges and problems together!

"A Grow Your Business Mastermind Program is peer-to-peer mentoring and if you are lucky enough to get invited to one, you will most likely see a marked change in yourself and your business."

  • Community - Become a  part of an exclusive community. The other members need you just as much as you need them.
  • Collaboration - Work together collaboratively, to achieve more together.
  • Advisement - That feeling of “being alone” while running your business is gone.
  • Extend Your Network - Joining a mastermind, you instantly add to your network and typically gain the networks of those in the group with you.
  • New Learning - By interacting and sharing your challenges, it’s almost certain that someone in your mastermind will have a solution for you.
  • Cross Promotion - You will most likely find ways to help each other by utilizing cross promotion.
  • Think Bigger - You can’t help but think bigger and stretch beyond your boundaries when surrounded by amazing people doing amazing things.
  • Growth - Masterminds are incredible and can do wonders your business as well as for you, personally!

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The Most Successful People NEVER Leave Success to Chance.

"I have had the privilege of being involved in two different mastermind groups facilitated by Jack for about a year now.  These masterminds have been extremely valuable opportunities to network and build relationships with like-minded small business professionals and to find support. 

Besides being incredibly enjoyable,” masterminding” has been a key activity in the rapid growth and development of my young VA business.   Several new business opportunities have come my way as a result of my involvement and the “referral engine” that this group has created for one another continues to be beneficial.  The coaching and mentoring I’ve received from Jack during the masterminds has empowered me to look forward and think big!"

Lacy Ring-Verbik - Imagine Virtual Assistants

A Note from Jack Klemeyer

Mastermind Groups are a powerful way to grow yourself personally, grow your business and boost your income. Watch my short, less than 3 minute, video to learn 8 ways to boost your income by being in a Mastermind Group.