Jack Klemeyer and his elite group of certified Grow Your Business™ advisors and speakers are available to provide talks, workshops, seminars and keynote speeches to groups in all industries and all sizes. The skills, strategies and educational materials included in the Grow Your Business™ Programming is highly flexible and can be customized to fit your particular group and address your specific challenges.

From marketing to mindset and from speaking and communications to sales strategies, we’ve got you covered – in a way that will be energizing, fun, inspirational and motivating.

We don’t want your business to just survive – no, we want your business to thrive and you to enjoy every minute building it into your grandest vision. We want you to improve your quality of life – but not just for you – for your family, friends and community, too.

We promise – that’s  a 100% guarantee -you will get more than you expect with a Grow Your Business™ Program

The Grow Your Business™ Coaching programs cover a wide spectrum of business-related topics such as:

□   Marketing Online & Offline
□   Sales Systems & Strategies
□   Systems & Operations
□   Legal
□   Finance
□   Mindset & Attitude – Sports Psychology in Business
□   Networking for Success
□   Goal Setting& Getting
□   Strategic Planning
□   Implementation
□   Sales Call Reluctance
□   Team Engagement
□   Motivation

Most are highly interactive and fit with the Grow Your Business™ philosophy of providing content and materials that can be put into action immediately. Presentations are customizable to your industry and organization and can be adjusted to fit into an hour, a half-day, a full-day or multiple day training programs. Because of the flexible nature of the presentations and programs, it is best to talk with a Grow Your Business™ Coaching representative regarding your needs, location, scheduling and fees. Bringing the best educational programming that WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE may be much more cost effective than you think!

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