Excited to be one of the presenters at the 2014 International Coach Federation Midwest Conference

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Visibility Rocks: 5 Steps to Exploding Your Credibility, Influence and Client Base Using Speaking and Video Marketing Strategies 

This session is 0.75 Core Competency and 0.75 Resource Development CCE Units.

Download the handout for this session by clicking here

Are you missing out on the best methods to market and grow your business?

Attend Visibility Rocks so you can end the uncertainty of wondering where your next client will come from because speaking/video fills your pipeline, while speeding up your sales cycle.  Many coaches become frustrated with marketing their business one-to-one, but it doesn’t have to be that way for you.

Learn five steps to leverage a one-to-many marketing strategy using speaking and video in this powerful session.  Once you embrace these proven marketing strategies, your business will rock!  You’ll create status in your market and develop credibility that your competitors wish for!

In this interactive session, you will experience exactly how to use speaking and video to fill your coaching practice with your ideal clients, sell more of your products or services and create a constant stream of cash flow. 

Pat Alvater

Pat Altvater has a history of entrepreneurial endeavors including owning and operating 10 franchised fitness centers. Currently, she operates AFP Marketing, which offers videography, video editing, video coaching as well as training. AFP works with clients on filming, editing and custom elements. They offer three Internet TV channels (Toledo, Columbus and Indianapolis) that provide a platform for an elite network of experts that educate, inspire and motivate other business owners. Pat is the author of Choose Success – Ignite the Power Within and creator of a trilogy of guided imagery CDs, Transformations Trilogy for Body, Mind and Spirit. www.biztvshows.com

Jack Kleymeyer

Jack Klemeyer is the founder of Grow Your Business Coaching, a coaching company that facilitates high-impact, result-focused group and individual coaching for business owners to help them grow their business. Drawing from his more than 30 years of experience and expertise in effective sales and communication skills, Klemeyer has personally designed and presented several successful programs to aid participants in enhancing their performance. In addition to being a professional speaker, trainer and coach, he is an accredited facilitator and consultant for a wide variety of programs, including Get Clients Now!™, Myers Briggs, and the Kolbe System™. He is also a certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and a certified Language and Behavior Consultant. www.gybcoaching.com



At a recent talk to a group of Funeral Home Directors we received this feedback.

It is my understanding that most everyone really appreciated the meeting and gained some good knowledge. And this doesn’t always occur at our meetings. The funeral software programs, vault topics, casket topics and preneed talks can at times bore the funeral director. I’ve received feedback, mostly general things, such as really good meeting, great information Tim, nice meeting, or sounds like I need to change. All in all, I think everyone enjoyed the time with Jack, got a great handout and some valuable information to take back with them to their funeral homes.

As for me, I really enjoyed the meeting and information and I’m one of those who really needed Jack’s presentation because I’m struggling with my relationships with my employees. I tend to be the Type A person with the reigns of get it done! Doesn’t work in today’s work environment as a manager. So I got a lot out of the relationship part of the meeting and yes, I need to change some of my ways of dealing with my staff. Knowing that, I will put some of Jack’s methods to work and see what happens. I did get his book Building to Excellence and I’m looking forward to reading that and instilling what I learn in that book into my everyday routine. I really enjoyed the Background Marketing topic. Most funeral homes do a great job with this, especially with their buildings, but we all need to do a better job with our personality traits on the phone and initial meeting with customers. You never get a second chance at a good first impression. The team and environment part was another of my favorite. It was all very helpful. Jack had a relationship with his home town funeral home and some of the examples he used were very good.

The only thing I would say that could be more helpful would for Jack to come up with some clear cut examples of funeral home issues in his explanation of the topics. He used his funeral home experience in his home town a lot and the example of forgetting about ordering a vault. Maybe come up with some more funeral home related examples throughout the presentation. Again, I was very pleased and happy with the meeting as were many of the others from what I hear. Great job and we thank you so much for being a part of our meeting. I had several people say, where did you find this Jack guy, how did you find him? He was very good! I found Jack through an OFDA e-mail sent to me and I didn’t hesitate to contact you when I say what he was about.Thanks again!