Profiles to Choose from:

  • DISC Personal Profile
  • DISC Communication Report
  • DISC Sales Report
  • Each Focus has a specific Workshop Tailored for You and Your Team


Taking the assessment is the first step to understanding who you are and how you are able to compliment people in your life. On the business side, I am an HR Consultant and the DISC training is designed to help HR professionals perform behavioral analysis not clinical therapy to improve in key areas including employee morale, professional development, training, and so much more. The Maxwell Method DISC PIR is 30 pages of in-depth analysis that is designed to help anyone that’s interested in bettering themselves and paying it forward.
- C. C.

Personal insight into self and great is an amazing tool... I am a Licensed Therapist and have worked with many tools designed to identify, highlight and offer insight into behavioral patterns. In addition, I had some previous training on the DISC system. The Maxwell approach, the training, and the support bonus marketing tool is far more insightful and advanced when compared to tools available anywhere else in the market. Love it - S.A.