Want to Grow Your Business SIGNIFICANTLY by speaking just a few times a year?

Speaking is more than just getting up in front of a room.

You need a strategy.

You need a plan!

Jack Klemeyer has personally learned from and is a licensee of the originator of the Speaking Mastery program, Michael Charest. This 2-day Intensive live training will put the power of marketing by speaking into your business.


What will you get from Speaking Mastery?

  • You will role play and learn how to pitch your talk
  • You will role play and practice how to  set the statg for sales
  • You will learn the secrets to working the room to lead to mega profits.
  • You will actually deliver your talk and get immediate feedback!
  • You will practice the key points of your delivery…open, close and OFFER.
  • You will discover the types of presentations you can be doing and how to find the right groups to present to
  • You will learn the exact steps (and tools) you need to use for booking 10-20 speaking engagement per year with ease.
  • We will help YOU find more than 25 associations you can speak to.
  • We will actually send a few emails TOGETHER to at least 10 of these prospective associations.
  • We make phone calls TOGETHER for an hour to get you booked!

If you have ever wanted to leverage your knowledge and make big $$ in your business, this is an event you can’t afford to miss.


Because of the intensive one-on-one work with me and group work, only six seats are available in each class.

The materials you get are priceless to implement a speaking program for your business. You will get:

  • A word-for-word talk Speaking Mastery creator, Michael Charest, used to generate $43,000 in one talk
  • Complete 176 page manual including everything you need to execute all these strategies successfully
  • Speaking contracts (that you can copy and use for yourself)
  • A proven script for successfully calling groups and associations for getting speaking gigs
  • A proven fee document – no more stuttering when quoting your fees
  • An inquiry letter and RFP (Request For Proposal) template
  • All this AND personal feedback from me to improve your talk



One leading coaching industry publication has this to say about Speaking Mastery Program:

“Speaking Mastery is a program walks you through the practical steps you need to build your business through speaking. You get it all: how to craft your talk, how to find and get speaking gigs, how to sell from the podium and even best practices for post-event follow-up. Not only do you get the how-to information – you get the tools! There’s no guesswork involved; it’s all spelled out for you. If you are serious about building your business and plan to use speaking as a part of it, Speaking Mastery is a must.”

There you have it – “You get it all!”


Don’t let this be another year that you “plan on doing more speaking,” but never actually do it. Do it with Speaking Mastery!