The Whiteboard Experience

Everyone needs a plan especially the entrepreneur, sales professional and business owner. The Grow Your Business Whiteboard Experience session was created from hours and hours of consulting time with that audience. This is a 3 and a half hour session held of a morning, afternoon or evening that covers our TOPS Process™. The TOPS Process™ is: Threats, Opportunities for growth (formerly known as weaknesses), Possibilities and Strengths.

During the TOPS Process™ together with the client(s) we’ll also map out messaging (USP) and action steps needed to achieve the goals we set in the structured Whiteboard Experience™ session. This process consists of a series of specific questions and brainstorming exercises all designed to create a clear, specific goal, action steps and plan for achievement for the client.

At the end of the Whiteboard Experience™ session, we will follow up with a complete report illustrating and explaining everything we covered with additional feedback, advice, recommendations along with clear action and implementation steps.