Jack Klemeyer founded Grow Your Business™ Coaching based on the philosophy of providing small business owners, corporations and their employees the knowledge and skills they need to be successful. That could mean greater sales to one person, the ability to hire more people for another and being a good leader to someone else. Whatever is needed, Jack and his team will find the resources to make turning dreams and goals into reality for their clients.

These comments from clients and people he has worked with to develop programs are a true testament to his success and the mission he has set for his business and team.


Cinda KelleyPhenomenal!

“Jack has been phenomenal to work with as we have developed our Stage 1 CEO Roundtables. He brings skill sets to the group that create a trusting environment. And he draws our CEOs into sharing common topics. Facilitating these conversations brings a value-add to our CEOs and makes our program successful.”

Cinda Kelley
Hendricks County Economic Development Partnership
Kelley@hcedp.orgIndianapolis, IN


Business Experience and Sense of Humor Make Him Fun and Exciting

“Everybody needs a Jack! Not only is Jack a great coach and mentor but he is also a great friend. Jack’s combination of business experience along with his light-hearted sense of humor makes working with him fun and exciting. But don’t let his sense of humor fool you. When it’s time to get down to business, Jack works with you to build your path to success and then he expects results. It’s hard work but in the end, everybody wins.”

Patric Welch
Noobie, Inc.
Greenwood, Indiana


Most Inspirational and Motivational Guy I’ve Ever Known

Michael Monroe“Jack is probably the most inspirational and motivational guy I’ve ever known. He brings great resources and visuals, too.  The new agents he worked with at State Farm are all very successful and I think a lot of that is because of Jack.  A year ago, I worked with him individually and again, he brought great resources.  And he knows what kinds of questions to ask to help people examine themselves and their goals.  With Jack, it’s like peeling an onion.  He knows how to get to the core.”

Michael Monroe
State Farm Insurance Companies
michael.monroe.c9mw@statefarm.comOsceola, WI


Unique Way of Helping Clients

“Jack helped my business in an interim sales management role and did a fantastic job. He has a unique way of helping his clients understand their business’ weaknesses and he is able to offer solutions that will make positive change. I can’t say enough about Jack’s business acumen – he could be a fantastic asset to your business.”

Rick Myers
The Southside Times, Business Leader, ICON
Avon, Indiana


Our Favorite Speaker – Keeps Everyone Engaged and Involved

Marcia Lynch“Jack is a motivator for me personally. He has also been our favorite speaker at chamber meetings. He always keeps everyone engaged and involved. And because of what he has taught us, our members feel they have tangible tools to use in their businesses. The new tools make them stronger, more efficient and motivated.  On a personal level, Jack’s coaching has helped me gain confidence and ideas to be more successful in my career. He is a valuable member of our chamber.”

Marcia Lynch
Danville Chamber of Commerce
Marcia@danville-chamber.orgDanville IN


Skills for the Long Term

“During a seminar Jack did for our office, he taught us to step back and look at a situation and understand where the customer is coming from, before we respond.  I have used those skills a lot, even when I’m dealing with other employees or store clerks or even family members.”

Judi Daniels
Office Assistant
Brownsburg Parks & Recreation
Brownsburg, Indiana


Barbara JonesGo-to guy for Lead Generation and Conversion

“Jack is my go-to guy for all things related to using a smart phone for lead generation and conversion. He really understands how to combine traditional sales methods with technology for better results. My favorite thing about Jack, though, is that when I get down in the weeds and start going around in circles, he can get me back on track in just a few minutes.”

Barbara Jones, Owner & Chief Strategist
Small Business Automation
www.smlbizautomation.comIndianapolis, IN


Out-of-the-Box Thinking and Ideas for Fast Implementation

“Working with Jack Klemeyer has made a tremendous impact on me. His out-of-the-box thinking and ideas for fast implementation have changed how I work and grow my business. He is also one of the most sincere and resourceful people I have come across in my career. He wants to see me succeed and he goes out of his way to help me find the resources I need to be successful. He’s more than a business coach, he’s also a friend.”

Greg Van Laere
Financial Advisor
Danville, Indiana


Exceptional Quality Presentations

Jim Musall“As Celadon’s Fleet Training Coordinator for 3000 professional Over-The-Road Truck drivers, I know that Jack does exceptional quality presentations. I feel that what I have learned from Jack gives me valuable knowledge on how to retain Celadon drivers and address the drivers at a professional level.”

Jim Musall
Celadon Trucking
Plainfield, Indiana


Beneficial for All Professionals

“I wasn’t certain a hearing a business coach speak would make any difference to my work as an engineer, but it didn’t take me long to see that what Jack Klemeyer shared would indeed make an impact on my work – and anyone else’s who listened to him. For days I thought about the insights he shared about working with others and the dynamics of communication. I applied several of the strategies he offered and it helped to move a challenging project ahead faster than expected. I believe that Jack can provide skills and strategies that will help any professional, business owner or employee be a positive influence on the workplace.”

James Davis, electrical engineer, automotive sector
Indianapolis, Indiana


DebraTaylorDown-to-earth Tools and Tips

“Jack did a networking group talk for wedding professionals. He gave everyone really great, down-to-earth tools and tips to take back to their own businesses.”

Debra Taylor
Indy Wedding Experts
Indianapolis, Indiana


Jim PattonAlways Looking for New Ways to Help His Clients

“Jack and I are both coaches and we’ve done a few joint ventures. In my work, I use the book, The Go-Giver by Bob Burg. Jack is the epitome of the Go-Giver.  He’s always looking for new ways to help his clients.”

Jim Patton
J Patton Consulting
Indianapolis, Indiana


Tom ChristenberryExtremely Authentic and Dedicated to his Clients

“Jack works with us through the Institute for Leadership & Professional Development at the University of Indianapolis. He has such an open attitude and he’s very dedicated to his clients. He is extremely authentic and real as well as very professional and competent.”

Thomas C. Christenberry
Indianapolis, Indiana

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