Coaching Works!

The International Coach Federation has done extensive research on the impact and benefits of coaching. Here’s the proof.

Small business coaching utilizes professional and personal development to promote continuous growth and strength. It’s about creating motivation and accountability which leads to success in your business, and since it’s you that is developing it naturally extends to your entire life.

To Grow Your Business™ Coaching, good coaching does one of three things, depending on your needs and desired outcomes:

  1. Coaching can help you learn to own and operate a business, addressing all the hats that must be worn to be successful
  2. Coaching can help you plan, set goals and develop strategy to assemble all the moving parts to achieve those goals and more
  3. Coaching can help you brainstorm, solve problems, develop resources and grow in confidence as your business grows

And at Grow Your Business™ Coaching, it doesn’t matter what level you are at or how sure or uncertain you are, we believe you can improve your capabilities, gather new resources and reach heights you never thought possible. Coaching  takes many forms – depending on your needs, goals and budget:

  • One-to-One, Face-to-Face sessions
  • One-to-One telephone sessions
  • Group coaching, live, with a diverse group and with a variety of experience levels
  • Group coaching via the telephone, bringing together people from a variety of geographic locations and industries
  • Group coaching, live or by telephone for members of a specific industry or with a similar goal
  • Mastermind groups, live, for serious professionals centered on planning, problem solving and accountability
  • Mastermind groups
  • Online, self-paced with videos, materials and call-in options

photo(1)Regular sessions with consistent purpose and commitment are the essential elements to successful coaching . Of course, implementation of strategies and plans is your part to play. And that’s where accountability is the broccoli under the butter sauce. Everyone knows it’s good for you, but you might not prefer that on the plate. But just like broccoli improves your health, accountability improves your business – and you’ll like the results.

There are many options to explore, but the bottom line for every form of our coaching is the same:

Getting you what you need to succeed!


“Jack has been phenomenal to work with as we have developed our Stage 1 CEO Roundtables. He brings skill sets to the group that create a trusting environment. And he draws our CEOs into sharing common topics. Facilitating these conversations brings a value-add to our CEOs and makes our program successful.”  -Cinda Kelley, Hendricks County Economic Development Partnership


If you aren’t sure what best suits your needs and budget, contact us directly or, better yet, schedule a Complimentary Consultation.

In a 45-minute Complimentary Consultation phone session, we learn about you and your business and everyone gets greater clarity of your strengths and challenges. It costs you only a few minutes of time – and could be the most profitable step you take.

Don’t wait until you are desperate for our help. Our calendar of appointments runs close to capacity (or over capacity) most of the time. We take on as many clients as we can and still effectively service and give them 120% of our efforts, which means there is sometimes a bit of a wait to join our interactive and personal coaching programs.

If you have the gumption to work hard – and smart – find out how Grow Your Business™ Coaching can help you finally achieve the success you have always dreamed of.

Why delay your successful ride into the future?


“Jack is a motivator for me personally. He has also been our favorite speaker at chamber meetings. He always keeps everyone engaged and involved. And because of what he has taught us, our members feel they have tangible tools to use in their businesses. The new tools make them stronger, more efficient and motivated.  On a personal level, Jack’s coaching has helped me gain confidence and ideas to be more successful in my career. He is a valuable member of our chamber.” – Marcia Lynch, Danville Chamber of Commerce