Here at Grow Your Business™ Coaching we love coaching and guiding business owners and other professionals like you. And as we have grown in that capacity, we have discovered that by  educating our clients and the community, their knowledge base and performance are not the only improved, but their mindset, attitudes and self-confidence grows as well.

Providing educational resources is why  Grow Your Business™ University was developed. Several learning opportunities are available through Grow Your Business™ University

The Lunch-and-Learn Series


This groundbreaking program addresses specific topics monthly. Through the year-long series, entrepreneurs get business education and training they need to help their businesses succeed. The support of the community makes this program unique. Organizations such as economic development, chambers of commerce, college and job training programs and local businesses recognize the value the program provides small business owners.

Workshops and Seminars

IMG_0884When businesses and organizations that support small business need educational programming for their members and workers, they look to Grow Your Business™ University. Our certified coaches and speakers draw from years of professional experience and learning to present sessions from one hour to one day on topics that are important – and make a difference – to growing businesses such as:

  • Marketing, public relations and advertising
  • Sales; processes, reluctance, strategies, lead generation
  • Customer service and relationships
  • Mindset and attitude; beliefs, values and vision
  • Networking for business growth
  • Setting and achieving goals

Jack’s workshops always keeps everyone engaged and involved. And because of what he has taught us, our members feel they have tangible tools to use in their businesses.

-Marcia Lynch, Executive Director, Danville, Indiana Chamber of Commerce

Contact us for information about bringing professional, highly acclaimed programming to your business or organization.