The Goal getting workbook - Creating your blueprint for success

Use the Goal Getting Workbook as a stand alone goal setting and getting workbook or as an enhancement to Jack's most popular book, Building to Excellence, A Guide to Authentic Success. Either way this is the only goal getting guide you'll need to make sure you have your best year yet!

  • The Goal Getting workbook has everything you need:
  • How to properly celebrate successes.
  • A special dream catcher page captured from a rare audio of the late Jim Rohn.
  • What to eliminate from your life to move forward.
  • A step by step guide to build a successful daily routine just for you
  • A diagnostic to see how you're doing in the eight critical areas of life.
  • and much more!

The Goal Getting Workbook is 36 pages jam packed with exercises and worksheets so you can properly design and have your best year yet!

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