What does that mean to you?

To the Grow Your Business™ Coaching team it means being successful

and that means …

  • you can get more clients or customers
  • you can build powerful and productive teams
  • you can increase profits and broaden the bottom line

But it also means …

  • you can develop individual leadership skills and influence those around you
  • you can build self-confidence and self-esteem that gives you the fortitude to overcome obstacles
  • you can learn how to seek and achieve excellence in everything you do at work and at home

Life for entrepreneurs and small business owners means work is not segregated from life at home or in the community. Life is one thing that encompasses everything all mixed in together. Your livelihood is intermingled with every other aspect of your days, nights, thoughts and dreams.

And it is from that understanding that Grow Your Business™ Coaching works. Yes, we are dedicated to inspiring you with ideas. We are determined to bring innovating tools, strategies and resources that will help you build your business into a thriving enterprise. And we work very hard alongside you. But we also want to see you thrive as a person, as part of a family and a community. So we incorporate communications skills, interpersonal skills and all sorts of ways to understand your own behaviors, fears and actions and those of the people around you. It helps you become a stronger leader and it also helps you service your customers and build relationships with them and potential new customers.

And that is why, at Grow Your Business™ Coaching you find us offering you so many different kinds of programs, workshops, coaching, groups, webinars, products and books.

We want every business owner to have access to the people and resources they need to grow … and within a budget they can afford.

Everyone has to start somewhere and there is no better place than where you are right now.

Call us, email us, fill in the contact request, send us a letter, read our blog, join us on Facebook or Twitter.

Schedule a complimentary consultation and tell us about your business and let’s see how Grow Your Business™ Coaching can help make your business and life better.

Rest assured that however you get in touch with us, we will always do our best to provide quality services, valuable information and something that will help you…

Grow Your Business!


“Jack helped my business in an interim sales management role and did a fantastic job. He has a unique way of helping his clients understand their business’ weaknesses and he is able to offer solutions that will make positive change. I can’t say enough about Jack’s business acumen – he could be a fantastic asset to your business.”  – Rick Myers, President/Publisher,The Southside Times, Business Leader, ICON, Avon, Indiana