When was the last time you got a pat on the shoulder for bringing a speaker to your business, group or organization?

When Jack Klemeyer of Grow Your Business™ Coaching speaks to groups, there is:




Lasting changes and growth for business owners and their enterprises.

Known for his warmth, knowledge and sense of humor, Jack is committed to providing audiences with information and strategies they can take back to their business and implement immediately.

“Seeing Jack Klemeyer in action at the White Board session was impressive. He did an outstanding job of addressing the concerns of the businesses represented. There were several defining moments to the owners in the room. It was great outside the box thinking, which is what is needed in today’s environment! It was motivating and inspiring to see the ideas he shared!”

-Sherry Rahl, Bank manager



Grow Your Business™ Coaching has a variety of experts that are Grow Your Business™ Certified Speakers. That means just about every need your business has can be addressed by a professional speaker – with tools and techniques that are immediately actionable.

“Jack did a networking group talk for wedding professionals. He gave everyone really great, down-to-earth tools and tips to take back to their own businesses.”

-Debra Taylor, Indy Wedding Experts

 Grow Your Business™ Speakers are dedicated to helping businesses grow. Their purpose is to

Make YOUR Business Better!

Contact us for more information about the skills and topics you would like to bring to your organization. the Grow Your Business™ professionals can work with you to tailor a program specifically tailored to meet your needs.

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