Training comes in all shapes and sizes, but one thing that is always the same about training from Grow Your Business™ is that it will meet your needs.

That’s because the first thing we do is listen to what you have to say.

You might be the owner of a small business or a sales manager in a large business. You might be developing the next generation of leaders or trying to build a dynamic, powerful and top-performing sales team. The Grow Your Business™ group can partner with you to find the best results-driven and focused training solution for you.


The training you need for your team may be simple or a complex combination of skills and learning. You may have discovered gaps that need to be filled or dots that need to be connected. You can build the skills and teams you need to increase productivity and profitability easily with Grow Your Business™ training that can be facilitated in a variety of ways:

  • monthly training programs for specific departments focused on a particular aspect of business such as sales or marketing
  • weekly management team sessions to develop motivational, supervisory and coaching skills
  • weekly leadership skills training for individual executives or groups of executives
  • quarterly workshops that each pertain to a specific area such as communications, goal setting or behaviors and atttitudes


IMG_whayne.louisville.1.jackGrow Your Business™ can not only provide the expertise in programming content and educational materials, we can also work within your time parameters, too. You may prefer:

  • a structured curriculum in a series of hour or two-hour long sessions over several months
  • a series of customized programs delivered weekly
  • one to two-hour seminars, half-day workshops, full-day or multi-day programs for retreats or conventions

So, when you want to develop the skills your workers must possess to service your customers or you want to develop leadership skills in the next set of managers coming up, talk to us here at Grow Your Business™.

To find the kind of programs you can expect us to deliver, look at our programs  and workshops.

“During a seminar Jack did for our office, he taught us to step back and look at a situation and understand where the customer is coming from, before we respond.  I have used those skills a lot, even when I’m dealing with other employees or store clerks or even family members.”   -Judi Daniels

Read more of what our audiences and clients have to say about the programs we have delivered for them over the years.

Then contact us to see what we can do for you.