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If you find yourself tramping from one networking event to another…giving out a bunch of your cards and never getting the results you want…never seeing any new clients from your efforts.

Follow the easy, proven step-by-step instructions laid out in clear and simple terms by renowned business coach and consultant Jack Klemeyer of Grow Your Business™ Coaching. Each page will give you something you can implement right now to build your business through a networking strategy.

Jack is known for his warmth and sense of humor and respected for his vast knowledge, experience, creativity and resourcefulness. He shares all he knows with business owners to give them the extra edge they need to grow their business into a bustling, successful enterprise. Best Practices for Networking Success is the first in the series of business fundamentals books where he will help you “Jack it UP! and leverage your way to greater profits.”

Each book in the series will cover a specific aspect of entrepreneurship or business development from attitude and mindset to sales, marketing and more. Jack’s clients will tell you, “If your business isn’t growing, you don’t know Jack!”