A Rant and an Opportunity

Setting goals is a process and there are some rules that must be followed if you want to reach the goals you set!

Last week I was having a conversation with a group of really smart people, all of them business owners, entrepreneurs or sales people, about setting and achieving goals.

You’ve probably heard the S.M.A.R.T. acronym you should use when you set your goals… I won’t go into the whole acronym here because I’m going to go on a rant now…

I asked some in the room to share the goals they had just set and one young man exclaimed something like “For 2013 I want to make more money!” (He was really proud of that statement by the way) It wasn’t the “S” part of S.M.A.R.T. nor was it the “M” part either. Specific and Measurable… two key elements of goal getting!

I responded… you need to be specific… how much is “more money?” I asked. His response… “No I don’t I’ve read that stuff on goal setting too and you don’t need to be specific…”

Okay then time for the RANT! That’s like saying “let’s go on vacation to Oklahoma.” Well where do you want to go in Oklahoma, it’s a pretty bug state?” It’s doesn’t matter where we’re going when we head out… just Oklahoma and we’ll just know we’re there!

What the…

You do have to be specific and whatever you go after it need to be measurable too. Both so you’ll know when you get there and secondly in the event you miss your goal you know by how much and know what you need to do next time to achieve the goal you set.

Don’t be naïve! Be a student of good goal setting and you’ll be known for good goal getting!

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