Change the way you remember for the better.

Sometimes the things that happen to us aren’t the best. What do you do? Here’s an idea that might help change the way you remember a situation for the better.

First, sit and calm yourself… and think of the experience, notice, how do you represent the memory to yourself? Is it a picture? Is it sounds? Is it a feeling?

Once you notice which it is… try changing the attributes of the experience… for better memories, try making the picture in color, make it closer to you… add more light… notice how this changes the memory for you.

If the memory is unpleasant, try changing the picture to black and white, move it away from you… less light, make it “fuzzy” Notice… how does that change it? If it’s a sound and unpleasant, add some circus music… have the words be as if Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck were speaking. Notice, how does that change the situation?

You will soon notice that you have control over your emotions in how you remember events. This is helpful especially if the memory is unpleasant.

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