Does That Salt Shaker Work?

What do you do to make sure your customers enjoy purchasing from you and your company?

Let me tell you about my friend Cricket and how she does it. Cricket works part time (on the weekends in the evenings) at Green Street Restaurant here in Brownsburg. Green Street is a nice little restaurant but what makes is special is Cricket.

If one of the menu items isn’t just right, she will tell you. She’ll also tell you what’s good on a particular evening. But even more than that, she has a set of salt and pepper shakers she keeps just for her tables. The ones the restaurant provides don’t work all that well and are more frustrating than useful. So, Cricket makes sure her customers get the best salt and pepper shakers and ones that work.

It’s extra effort and takes a little planning but I assure you, Cricket makes more than the average wait staff at that restaurant because she really cares about her customers. She takes the extra steps to make sure the evening is enjoyed and that your meal out is enjoyable in the food, the atmosphere and even the utensils.

Next time you’re in Brownsburg on a Friday or Saturday evening, stop in Green Street Restaurant (it’s right next to Kroger’s) ask for Cricket’s area, tell her I recommended her, enjoy your meal, notice the salt and pepper shakers and give her a handsome tip!


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