It’s Only Make Believe, But…

This past week I worked with a group of professional over-the-road drivers to help them gain more skills to teach newly commercial licensed drivers how to be professional and safe drivers.

I am always impressed with the how professional and passionate the drivers are about their work. From time to time though there are one or two in the session who really pique my interest. This week was no exception! We do an opening exercise that always gets them in the mood to learn. I enjoy this and benefit by listening to their comments about their skills that presents fodder for the rest of the training.

What is reality?

This week one person in particular had an unusual ability to create a reality out of thin air and then to respond to that creation as if it was a real situation, crisis or challenge. I find it fascinating that some people can make up a scenario and then get upset because of the scenario they just created. Interesting, too, is that fact that “things” always happen to those people. Jim Rohn used to tell a story of things like this and he would conclude the story with “things just happen to people like that.”

We all have the ability to create our reality through imagination, goal setting, focus and determination toward a worthwhile goal. Sometimes though we create the reality we don’t want.

There is a quick fix for that moment:

  • Notice it. Be aware that you are creating an undesirable scenario, one that you don’t want to become a reality.
  • Change your thinking. Change the situation, turn it around to be one that you would like to happen. If you can’t change that, revise the way you are thinking about it.

Dr. Julie Ness-Bell says about our mind and thinking:

“The mind is powerful, you can control your mind and you have a choice in every situation.”

Create your own successful reality by focusing on what you want to achieve and the steps you are taking to move toward your goal. Remind yourself that you have a choice to make your reality what you want it to be.

To your success!

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