Karen, the Queen of Charleston… Don’t You Know

I just returned from five and half days in Charleston South Carolina where I met Karen. I was on a retreat with my good friend Scott Manning along with most of his private coaching clients and private clients. I was indeed fortunate to see both how Scott arranged and orchestrated the retreat and to meet Karen.

Karen is just a tour guide… or so one would think. But, I know the truth and I want to share it and the lessons from it with you.

Karen took about 15 of us on a walking tour around Charleston to share with us the darker side of that historic city of the south. We learned much about the over two hundred and thirty years of history of Charleston. Along with the history, we learned all about the rumors, and stories of places that today neither you nor I would dare set foot. The evening was warm, you might even call it hot and we should add humid too as are all nights this time of year in Charleston. I thoroughly enjoyed the tour, the sites and especially the history but I realized I learned something even more valuable that all that.

I learned that Karen absolutely lived her job. I am doing it a disservice too by calling it her “job”. It wasn’t her job it was what she was all about. You see when she would tell a story about particular house and the goings on that happened in that house more than 200 years ago, she actually saw what she was telling us… allowing us to see it too. I don’t think I have ever experienced an evening like that before in all my years. I don’t know which I enjoyed more, hearing the stories or being there as Karen transformed today into yesterday.

Are you that engaged in your business? If you were to take me on a tour of your work, your goals, your dreams, would you tell me in the way Karen did where I actually saw them with you? I hope so. Passion for what you do is a critical part of success. Think about your dreams of what could be. You know Karen didn’t care what we thought of her… she created an experience that we lived together. Make that what you do! I promise you’ll see more success, make more money and have a heck of a lot more fun!

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