Lemonheads…the little box of BIG SOUR

Remember Lemonheads? No, not the alternative music band… the little blue box with pea sized pieces of candy made by the Ferrara Pan Candy Company! They’re only the size of a pea but they are sure pack a mighty sour! Heck, they’ve been around since 1962… that’s over fifty years.

When I think of Lemonheads I think they are the fun kind of sour. But today, the question is, what do you do when things turn sour for you? When things don’t go as planned or when an unexpected setback hits you like a ton of bricks… ever been there?

Well this week, I am dealing with some pretty heavy stuff and the way I thought things would go… aren’t! When things turn sour for me. It’s my tendency to retreat into myself and not connect with people. Because of this pattern, this e-mail is probably the most difficult e-mail I have ever written. Simply because it goes against the grain of retreating. I am sure over time, what I am dealing with now will only be a faded memory. It’s funny how the memories don’t have the butterflies in the stomach… we all tend to forget all that and I probably will too.

I remember as I was growing up in Vincennes and our family was going through some pretty rough times, my Dad would come to my bedroom doorway, with the light from the hall behind him creating a mysterious silhouette like some kind of 1940’s spy movie.

Standing there for only a moment, he would say, “Remember Jack, tomorrow is always a better day” he would then tell me that he loved me, say “goodnight” and click off the light. Funny how that tomorrow wasn’t actually “the next day”  it was the concept of not giving up and that if you hang in there and keep stepping up to the plate, any tomorrow would be a better day.

So the lesson here for us all, no matter what you might be going through today, is… as my Dad would say, “tomorrow is always a better day!”

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