Make $189,620 from this little secret like Bob did!

In celebration of this, my twentieth weekly e-mail, I’m letting you in on Bob’s secret formula!

Write a book, target it to a narrow niche and then began strategically working with the people who work with that niche. That’s exactly what my friend Bob did and still does. Bob has sold, as of Monday morning, a little over 7,600 books. How many times did he have to write his book? I’ll tell you… only once! He might have revised it from time to time… but I assure you, he only wrote it once.

Bob is one of those guys I really enjoy being around. He is a little older than me and yet, he still has a zest for learning. He listens when someone talks and not just listens, he takes notes. Then… another secret… he applied what he learned to his business. Just yesterday he was telling a few of us speakers and writers what he learned from a talk a few months back and how he has applied it to his business. That little tweak brought in another, almost $10,000 in income since this past May.

Bob sets goals too. Very specific goals. Each month when we gather to check in on each other in a mastermind group, Bob gives an update on what he’s accomplished, what he needs to do and how he can modify his behavior to do even better or to reach his goals. Then he goes to work on what he needs to do.

Bob’s book, in case you’re wondering is not one you could buy on Amazon. You can’t get it at a bookstore… the only place you can get it is from Bob. His book is an e-book, meaning, you pay for it, and then you download a PDF of the book. His book isn’t Tolstoy’s “War and Peace” (usually cited as a reference to a big ol thick, heavy reading book since it has about 560,000 words). Bob’s book is 31 pages and 13 chapters. That’s all… 31 pages and 13 chapters! That little book that Bob wrote from information he gleaned from his past experiences has earned him over $189,620. 31 Pages, 13 chapters! No printing costs.

Here’s the lesson:

Choose a narrow niche
Strategically work with those who communicate to your niche
Communicate frequently with that niche and those who communicate to it
Promote yourself as an expert (if you don’t someone else less qualified will claim your spot!).
Write a book (remember, 31 pages, 13 chapters)!
Set specific goals and track your progress modifying as needed.
Lastly…. Realizing that within you, from what you’ve already done no matter what your age, is a book (of at least 31 pages and 13 chapters) and it could bring you $198,620 if you just follow Bob’s simple lesson I’ve outlined here for you. Now, it’s up to you!

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