Now what was it I was supposed to do today? A Confession

How do you do it?

Someone asks you to give them a call or worse yet, you tell them that you’ll call them later… what’s the next thing you do?

Do you use your phone to make a note? Send a memo to yourself? Jot a note in a planner? What?

reminderI need to know!  I’ve tried to use a paper planner, as a matter of fact I bet I get a half dozen different types of planners at the beginning of each year in an effort to find the one that is the best fit for me. You know I’ve tried all kinds of electronic calendars to little or no avail. So I’m frustrated and confused on how to best remember things I promise people.

This came to light most recently while listening to an audio by Dan Sullivan (you know, the Strategic Coach guy)  as he and Darren Hardy (Publisher of Success Magazine) discussed the 4 Habits of Referability.

Here they are, the 4 Habits of Referability:
  • Show up on time
  • Do what you say
  • Finish what you start
  • Say please and thank you
Let’s look closer,
Show up on time; If you’re more than one half of one minute late to a meeting you stand to lose 50% of your credibility. That’s huge!

Do what you say; or if you can’t do what you say, tell the person to which the promise was made and tell them you can’t do and the best you can why you can’t come through as you originally thought.

Finish what you start; Even when the thing you started becomes boring and tedious. The champions still bring it to conclusion.

Say please and thank you; to which I’ll add and say “You’re Welcome” versus “No Problem” the little necessities bring much value.

I know I have much work to do to become and stay referable but hopefully giving you this insight will help you become just as referable if not more so.

To your success!

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