Walter Brennan, ol’ Jim and Jack

I know, the title of this week’s e-mail sounds like a cocktail but it really isn’t…

This happened few years back when I was with a major property and casualty insurance company in the role of recruiting and training new insurance agents, an executive from the corporate office, we’ll call him Jim, was talking to a group of us and asked a very strange question.

Now, you have to remember this was before the days of the internet (yes I’m that old) and prolific e-mail. There certainly weren’t any smart phones either. Anyway, the question was regarding our business cards and he asked, “How many ways do you have for people to reach you?”

Even though the it’s the twenty first century the question Jim asked is still a very good and pertinent question. How many ways do you have for your clients and prospects to reach you? Think about it… there’s Facebook, Linked-In, Twitter, Cell, Web, e-mail and a myriad of other social network and ning sites out there. I think ol’ Jim was kind of bragging about having 3 or 4 phone numbers on his business card.

As I remember it, I was the only one in the room that had as many phone numbers and ways of contacting me as he did. Even back then I knew the importance of being available to clients and prospects… yes that’s a shameless brag… or as Walter Brennan would say… “No brag just fact!”

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