What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… except this

You know there’s the saying… “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” but not this time!

I just returned from a short trip to Las Vegas where I was helping dentists to capture affluent
patients for their practice. Basically all they have to do is say “Yes!” and we do all the work.

Back to what happened… I got into a cab on Friday morning and said the usual, “Hello” to the
cab driver not paying a whole lot of attention to who they were when I heard a hearty “Good
morning!” in clear, plain english… American english!

At this point it might sound as if I need some diversity training but if you use taxi cabs much you
soon realize the english isn’t the typical language spoken by the driver. Well, the driver, his name
was Ken, talked about what it was like to drive a cab in Las Vegas, how long he had been driving
and what factors were present to have him drive a cab. It was a great conversation!

It seems that Ken had owned a Home Theater installation business in Los Angeles which he had
sold to move to Vegas to head up sales for a speciality wiring manufacturer. All was good until the
wiring manufacturer sold out and Ken was on the outside. With a child on the way and in need
of affordable insurance, he began to drive a cab. He said it was fascinating for the first few months
but now not so much.

His wife has stated an internet business selling items through e-bay which was bringing in more
than his income from taxi driving.

I didn’t get his contact info that morning and regretted it all that day… I kept thinking about Ken and how
he was coming back from being devastated loosing his job. Having been there before myself, I admired
his hutzpah and can do attitude.

Saturday morning, for my last cab ride, I said the usual “hello” and I heard “Good morning!” It was Ken!
I said, “Hey it’s You!” and exchanged greetings and I promptly asked for his contact information.

You never know when you might get a strike thrown your way in life. Unfortunately it seems to happen
more frequently these days but I look to stories and people like Ken to remind me to never give up!
Thanks Ken, for the reminder to keep on stepping up to the plate. Your attitude is the major factor in
how most things work out.

When I was little our family went through some pretty tough times, My Dad would always say to me
while standing in the doorway of my room before turning out the light… “Remember Jack, tomorrow
is always a better day and remember I love you” Now, knowing what I do about all that was
happening around us as a family, I think he was saying “tomorrow is always a better day…”
more for him than for me.

Remember, what and how you think controls your actions and your actions determine your results…
It all starts with the thinking and tomorrow is always a better day!

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