6 Elements of a Good Attitude that Help Grow Your Business

6 Elements of a Good Attitude that Help Grow Your Business

In today’s ever-evolving business world, those with various job-related skills are in high demand. There is lots of complaining that schools are not preparing workers for today’s business environment or with the skills that are needed.

Zero in on the attitude of people you consider in hiring and partnerships.It’s not just in the high-tech or specialty fields. It is also evident in the trades. Fewer young people are seeking work in the trades such as plumbers, electricians and the like. It’s interesting, then, when I hear SBO in those industries talk about the problems with hiring already-trained and experienced people. Yes, they have the skills, but they also have bad habits and, dare I say, attitudes, expectations and a sense of entitlement.

To combat that, many SBOs are hiring people based on one of those “problem” areas: attitude. When a candidate has the right attitude and displays aptitude, they are picked up out of the pool of applicants.

These SBOs have it right. You can train someone with a good attitude who wants to learn and be successful much easier than trying to mold and reshape someone with bad habits or a poor attitude. Trying to do the latter is less successful and definitely more stressful.

Hiring isn’t the only place to apply this philosophy. Smart SBOs will also apply it to developing strategic relationships and partnerships. Success breeds success. And you are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with – choose wisely.

Here are six elements of a good attitude you will want people around you to have:

  1. Desire to learn. They watch successful people and study them. They continually seek new (to them) skills and strategies. Inherent to learning is changing behaviors. They don’t just archive information, they apply it.
  2. Positive approach to problems. When something goes wrong, it’s not a blame game. It’s a challenge to dissect, improve and resolve the issue so it does not happen again.
  3. Take action. It’s not all talk. They take steps to develop and then implement. They are movers and make things happen.
  4. Mental toughness. When things go awry (and they will) they have the ability to not take it as a personal affront or attack. If needed, they will take responsibility and be accountable, but then push beyond themselves to turn it around. Failures are challenges and speedbumps for these people.
  5. Open mindedness. There are several ways to approach every problem, task and situation. When someone can look at things from various perspectives, understanding and outcomes improve. Flexibility is critical to a developing company.
  6. Team player. They can communicate and collaborate with others to create innovative solutions that work; or be part of a brain trust to develop new products and services that are ahead of the market. The success of the team matters most to great team members.

One thing to remember here. Not only are you looking for staff and partners to have these attributes, it’s important that we as SBOs have them, too. So take a look in the mirror. Which are your strengths, which challenge you?

Ask the people you trust most to go through that exercise with you. Sometimes we are blind to what we truly portray. It’s like that old saying about intentions… We may work things out in our heads and see them one way when others don’t see the actions built on our thoughts.

If you want to talk about that, schedule a time for a complimentary consultation. We can take 45 minutes to see where those challenges are and figure out how to go about overcoming them.

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