7 Tips For Your Business When Winter Weather Bites

snowSnow, snow and more snow! I actually love snow but enough is enough!

Many are hunkered down either at home with the family or frantically
trying to find child care while school is either canceled or delayed.

One job for sure I don’t want is that of K-12 School Superintendent, those
folks have to get up before the crack of dawn and check the road conditions
and make a call, school, no-school or delay. That one call impacts thousands
of people, teachers, students, aids, cafeteria personnel, and the list goes on
and on.

Back to the matter at hand… 7 Tips You can do on days when your schedule
is thrown a monkey wrench.

1.) Catch up on calls you need to make.
2.) Refine your plan, monthly plan, annual plan.
3.) Create a marketing campaign, either, email or “snail mail”
4.) Call a client or prospect and check in on them.
5.) Review your goals, add to them, modify some.
6.) Work on the definition of your ideal client.
7.) Clean up your database (you do have one… right?)

A simple short list that could actually make a big difference in your business.

Be careful driving and get your foundation in place on winter days that the
weather tries to take your enthusiasm and direction from you and your

To your success!

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