9 Tactics to Champion Change in Your Business

9 Tactics to Champion Change in Your Business

Okay, okay, settle down. After my last blog post, I got responses – ohh boy. Most of them went along these lines:

I know I should get with the program and generate and champion change. You helped me figure that out very clearly. But you didn’t give me the ways to do it. I WANT TACTICS AND STEPS.

Be smart - and strategic - about change in your business.You should know by now that I’m not ever going to leave you hanging. I wanted to give everyone time to think about change and their role with it, but I didn’t think you’d jump in with both feet. I’m really, really glad you did and are eager to use CHANGE to GROW YOUR BUSINESS.

So without further ado, here are 9 Tactics – Specific Tactics you can use to champion change in any group, your business, your home – just anywhere … GO FOR IT!

  1. “Sell” individuals. You might be championing a change affecting hundreds of people; even so, champion that change one on one. Find ways to create small group conversations, and speak individually with as many people as possible.
  2. Help people take ownership. First, you must be willing to share ownership with them. Then build that ownership with small changes, gaining their assistance in planning next steps. Once they feel empowered, you can help by removing obstacles in their path.
  3. Let people see your progress. Leaders often don’t want to communicate about a change until they know everything. You will seldom know everything, and while you are waiting the organization is wondering what is going on – and hypothesizing the worst-case scenario. Let people know where you are as early as possible – and earlier than you instincts might suggest.
  4. Call the change a journey (because it is). People will more easily accept things this way, and this positive view makes it easier for people to join in.
  5. Ask questions. If you want to create a dialogue and engagement, talk less and ask questions more.
  6. Start small, and build a new status quo. Perhaps your vision is a massive difference from where things are today. The best way to get there is in small chunks. Get people to see the value in small change, and get them there. Once they have successfully navigated a small change, you will have helped them build their willingness and confidence for the next step.
  7. Give it words. Help people describe the change. Having common language across the group makes it easier for people to support and create the change.
  8. Ask questions. This tactic is here twice on purpose. Remember to ask questions to create a useful change dialogue.
  9. Take responsibility. You are the leader and the champion. While you are trying to do everything you can to get the group involved and committed to the change, take the responsibility to do everything you can to make it happen.

This list of 9 tactics comes from Remarkable Leadership by Kevin Eikenberry. You will find that it is sometimes better and easier to share the brilliance of others and give credit when due than it is to recreate something that is so similar it’s silly.

Efficiency and purpose – go champion your change.

To Your Success,

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Don’t forget – you never have to (nor should you) go it alone. That’s one of the reasons people love the Grow Your Business Mastermind Groups. They bring their ideas, questions, concerns and get the brain power of every member of the group. Fresh, objective eyes and different perspectives bring new insight and solutions. If you are interested in joining or creating a group, let me know – I can make it happen!

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