A Youthful Lesson for Business Owners

Yesterday morning I was working with a group of 24 accountants, helping them with their mindset and attitude in a training Tommy Richardson and I created. While working with them, one person asked me if I always look for the learning in every situation. I thought for a brief moment and realized, yes, I believe I do.  Which made me think of John, my 10-year-old son and his working towards a new karate belt.

John2John successfully earned a new belt last evening (see his practice here) at his Crouching Tigers karate class. Earning a new belt is a big deal if you don’t know. Crouching Tigers has a wonderful program and curriculum and their sensei’s are terrific with the kids. As part of John earning his belt, he was to focus on two words and their meaning. His focus words were Persistence and Integrity.

Persistence, as Crouching Tigers teaches, is continuing on when others quit or give up. Sticking to what you start and seeing it through. Integrity as taught by Crouching Tigers, is doing the right thing even when no one else sees you do it.

As John broke through two boards with his hammer fist strike, I realized I was learning from him. I was learning how to focus better, (something I naturally struggle with on my own) on a goal and see it through to a successful conclusion.

This is a simple lesson we all can learn and apply as we begin new projects and endeavors. Break through whatever obstacles are in your way, see it through to a successful conclusion, persist. All the while, doing the right thing… even when no one else is looking!

When you see John, give him a pat on the back for being an example of skills and characteristics we can all learn and apply – no matter what our age.

To your success!

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