Are you Never Really Anywhere?

Are You Never Really Anywhere?

Eddie Cochran originally performed the classic song Summertime Blues way back in the 1950’s as an anthem of angst for a young person torn between love and having to work to earn money. An angst most folks encounter at one point or another in their life. Maybe you’ve had that feeling and maybe you’re having it somewhat right now. School is out, the kids are home and there is precious little time to spend with them as they grow and develop into productive adults.

Everything in your connects to everything else, is it balance or interplay that makes it work - or not work?That’s one side of the coin … the other side is that you enjoy what you do. And balance? Well, most of us have felt that pull to one thing when you’re doing another. It’s like the late Zig Ziglar used to tell in this story. “When you’re at work you feel you should be home spending valuable time with your family and then when you finally do take that afternoon or full day to spend time you feel you should be at work.” Truth is, Zig would say, “You’re never really anywhere!”

Knowing this, feeling this, and understanding this creates the need for you to know, not just be aware of, but to really know your values and have clear goals set. It’s true you can’t manage time, but you can manage your energy. We all have a biological clock that guides us through each and every day. Do you know when, at what time of day, you are at your best? Do you know when your energy subsides? If you don’t, you really should keep a record for a week or so to understand when and how to plan your day, your week, your life.

I’m in the process of being certified as a John Maxwell coach and speaker and it’s wonderful journey for me. I am having (yes, kind of being forced) to re-evaluate my values and my goals. I’ll share more as I experience the journey in an effort to help you along the way too. Maybe for the first time and maybe as a “revisit” of the process. I am super excited about this journey for us all because as I share, I grow and you benefit from the experience.

In the meantime, complete that exercise so you make sure you know your biological prime time… plan your day to maximize it and then plan your week.

To Your Success!

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