Do You Run Your Business with a T-Shirts and Tattoos Perspective?

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between the brand name of an item and the Discount house brand? Here’s a hint I’ve discovered with t-shirts that might help!

If your product or service was a t-shirt, would it shrink or would it stand the test of time and comfort?I noticed when I purchased my t-shirts at the discount store or the discount store’s brand, they didn’t last as long. They seemed to stretch out around the neck (I hate that by the way) and shrank from bottom to top. It’s really frustrating saying, “I need new t-shirts” when the reply is, “We just got t-shirts!” In fact we did and I did need new ones too.

I believe the same is true for things you purchase, the services you purchase and especially the things you sell in your business. Make doubly sure that your product or service isn’t perceived as wearing out too soon. Be sure to have a plan and stick to your plan.

You don’t even have to be selling the services or products; just delivering or providing them from your unit or team. Many times people in corporate America forget that what they do is an example of the customer experience. A decision that I heard of this week makes me wonder… Starbucks announced that employees that had visible tattoos would not be allowed to work at Starbucks any longer.

Even though I’m not a consumer of coffee, I have noticed that there are some really dedicated, talented and customer focused artisans who craft the coffee at Starbucks. I’m not an advocate for tattoos per se, but if a person is doing a great job and the customers are thrilled… getting rid of that person doesn’t make much sense to me.

In case you haven’t noticed, good talent that is dedicated, talented and focused on the customer is hard to find.  So, remember to tell your team that you appreciate them and challenge them to be even more focused on the customer. That little investment will pay huge dividends.

Think about your business from a t-shirts and tattoos perspective. Then make the decisions you have to make to provide your customers and clients with your products and services.

To Your Success!

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