Grow Your Business Like You Grow Hydrangeas

Prune your business activities like your hydrangea bushes for the best results.To keep your hydrangeas healthy, thriving and to keep them in shape along with flowering profusely they must be pruned every year.  The same is true for many of the other flowering  plants. Dead or sick branches can affect the overall health of the entire plant and should be (need to be) cut off. Plus there is the esthetic aspect of pruning, it gives your plants a nice and tidy shape.

Now what does this green thumb advice have to do with business? Only a lot! You see, sometimes it’s absolutely necessary to add by subtraction in your business.

I know I’ve been looking at those things in my business that aren’t producing. Things that are on my calendar but aren’t bringing me a return. Two stories come to mind this time of year as I look forward to the next calendar year. I think of something the late Jim Rohn used to say …

“You must constantly ask yourself these questions:

  • Who am I around?
  • What are they doing to me?
  • What have they got me reading?
  • What have they got me saying?
  • Where do they have me going?
  • What do they have me thinking?
  • And most important, what do they have me becoming?

Then ask yourself the BIG question: Is that okay?”

The other story I think about is the parable of The Sower from the good book, (Matthew 4:15-20). This story is so powerful in so many ways, I actually have a poster of it in my home office.

This very powerful story about where and how to plant. If you remember in the parable, The Sower had the best of seeds and yet some fell on rocky ground and didn’t grow. Some as soon as they sprouted, were choked out by thorns and died. And yet some feel upon fertile soil and took root. That’s the way it is with ideas, prospects, projects and even activities in our businesses.

Remember that nature abhors a vacuum and will fill it with something, that’s why we need to go back periodically and check to see that what we’re doing is actually moving us closer to our goals. Mr. Rohn also said, “… reasonable progress in reasonable time …”

Today, stop a moment and take a look at your calendar, at your agenda and make sure you’re moving forward. If not, remember the hydrangeas, prune what you no longer need to shape what you want. Get more by subtracting.

Teach yourself to add by subtracting and you’ll reap the benefits.


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