Foster Brooks Made It Happen

You may not remember Foster Brooks.

When I was much younger my parents would watch the television variety shows that were usually on Tuesday or Sunday evenings. As I remember them they were quite funny and some characters stuck more to my memory than others. Much of the humor of that ilk was vaudevillian in its roots yet it was for the most part “clean.”

I remember a comedian named Foster Brooks who played the part of a man who had one or two too many drinks of his favorite adult beverage and then tried to carry on a conversation. To me, it was hilarious and I learned to imitate Mr. Brooks in his mannerisms, voice, tone and cadence all to the laughs of many friends.

Recently, yesterday morning as a matter of fact, a man gave a speech which reminded me of Foster Brooks. This person wasn’t drunk nor had he been drinking to my knowledge but I kept thinking Foster Brooks… Foster Brooks… Then I realized why he reminded me of Foster Brooks. The speech he gave was intended to be political in nature and I am sure serious. But in my mind.. Foster Brooks… Foster Brooks…

Later in the afternoon it hit me why I was thinking Foster Brooks. Here was a man, I am sure well educated, and well versed on his point of view but it was physiology that stuck with me. Here he was giving a speech to persuade, influence, sell us on his ideas and he had on a Tee-Shirt, Three as a matter of fact. (Just an FYI, Foster Brooks wore a sport coat if not a suit) He was unshaven and looked unkempt.

The lesson, you may know your stuff to a Tee… but it’s how you present it that either has the audience nodding in agreement and buying in or running re-runs of Foster Brooks in their mind… Just so you know for sure, it’s the former not the later you want to aim to achieve.

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