GET CLIENTS NOW!™ 28-Day Program

GET CLIENTS NOW!™ 28 Day Program for Independent Professionals & Entrepreneurs

Learn to create an endless stream of clients by doing 10 simple things per day!

Experience the coaching, accountability, perspective, and support provided by the road-tested GET CLIENTS NOW! 28-day marketing program. In this highly effective action group format, you and a team of engaged participants work together with a trained coach to get more clients.WHAT YOU WILL LEARN…

  • What really works to market a service business, and what doesn’t
  • Over 100 different tools & tactics for marketing your business
  • How to diagnose your marketing ailments with the Universal Marketing Cycle
  • Discover the missing ingredients that have prevented your marketing from being successful
  • Break out of “analysis paralysis” and make the right choices about spending time & money on marketing
  • How doing ten simple things per day can bring you all the clients you’ll ever need


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