It’s Building Blocks… Just Not the Fun Ones

John and Libby love Lego’s™. They build all kinds of things. John is especially enthused about building Star War’s bases. His imagination is something to behold and from what i can tell… limitless! He even has learned to photo his Lego™ figures in stop motion animation. He is really good at Star War’s trivia… I know the first movie as the one that came out first but he knows the actual sequence of the movies in time… not release.

There are other types of building blocks… probably too many to mention here but there is one type I will discuss. It’s not really a set of blocks you can, at least not in block form. This one is one heck of a building block though… It can keep out many good things and keep in many bad things.

The building blocks I’m talking about are beliefs. Yes, your beliefs and my beliefs. They keep out so many good things because they have a preformed opinion of the thing before it even has a chance to enter. I mentioned they can keep in many bad things and those are the preformed ideas of what’s real.

Here’s one I deal with all the time and my friends and those close to me know all too well. You see this is a kind of confession of sorts… when I get behind on something, I believe, and it’s all made up mind you… beliefs are you know, that it’s too late to return the call or that when I do, the conversation will take a long, long time. So guess what… I don’t make the call.

Those building blocks that we all deal with are as real as reinforced concrete. I am doing my best to take a big ol’ sledge hammer and smash those blocks and you should as well.

Remember there are only three (3) things that hold us all back.

  1. Limiting Beliefs
  2. Low Standards
  3. Ineffective Strategy

and it most always boils down to a limiting belief…

I wish you luck in your endeavors to break through your limiting beliefs and I will continue to break through them too.

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