It’s HOT Don… Now that’s funny

There’s a commercial that runs in southwestern Indiana, at least there used to be, from a car dealer just across the Ohio River in Henderson Kentucky. The ad starts with a guy sitting outside on the car lot in a lawn chair, fanning himself saying “It’s Hot Don!” in a very non expressive, monotone sort of way. I believe the dealer is Don Moore something or another… some automobile brand which isn’t important to this story.

At the time, when I lived down that way, the commercials were really corny and not all that funny It’s the memory of those commercials now in the hottest summer in 75 or 80 years that makes the statement… “It’s Hot Don” funny.

A couple of weeks ago I attended my good friend, coach and mentor Scott Manning’s private retreat in Savannah Georgia. The phrase “It’s Hot Don” came to mind many times with my head and clothes soaked in perspiration from the Georgia summer. But what was even more hot than that was the exercise Scott put us all through.

Scott had us tell our story. Not just the superficial top of mind story either. We were all charged with digging deep and finding the real connection with ourselves and with others that our story could create.

When you tell your story in the right way, the emotional connection way, people will be drawn to you and in marketing and sales… that’s what you want. The lesson here is don’t be shy with your story… make it so you hear “It’s Hot Don” in your head when you tell it! You’ll know it’s right by the response you get from those you tell your story too.

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