Looks Like I Drew the Short Straw

It’s true, you get what you look for in business and in life!

Your attitude is the difference maker! When Tommy and I work with clients to train their people, be they sales team, executives or support folks, we always start by explaining the four types of people in every audience. We do this for a couple of reasons:

1.) to frame for them to have the right attitude when they come to our training

2.) so they can recognize each of the four as they navigate through their work day

You see, every time you encounter another person one of these four people is there in that person.

  1. The Prisoner – This person doesn’t want to be there. They resent having to be there and they are actually hostile either outwardly or in a passive aggressive way. The won’t see the value of the encounter nor will they benefit from the encounter even if it’s just to show you!
  2.  The Vacationer – This person is escaping from their tragic, hectic life. They are there just to chill out and check out. They will miss any learning they otherwise might have received. You can bet your message will pass right by these folks.
  3. The Graduate – This is the person that, by attitude or action, has been there, done that and has the T-shirt to prove it. You can’t teach them anything because they already know it; whether that’s true or not.
  4. The Student – This person is there to learn, to absorb, to apply all they can. They soak up every ounce possibe. They are a delight to be around and their enthusiasm for the subject at hand is contagious!

You see, it’s your job and mine when we’re communicating to move the first three to the last one. We want them to become a student.

I always use the presupposition from NLP that says, “The quality of my communication can be judged by the results I get!” The same is true for you. If things aren’t going the way you desire … the only way to look outside yourself to find the reason is to look in the nearest mirror.

To your success!

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