Map it out!

Many times when I’m working with a client I ask them to map out their idea or concept and they look at me with a quizzical look… So, I figure I better explain it. You’re lucky because you get first glance!

When I say map it out in my mind I envision a series of steps or a process of 1, 2, 3 how something will play out. For me it doesn’t have to be a map, like a road map or treasure map… but that would be neat!

This past week I gave a talk to a networking group in Ripley County Indiana about how to Maximize Your Networking. It’s one of my favorite talks to give because it’s good practical tips on how to network. Part of the talk talks about what your process is… Do you even have one? Most don’t! They go to a networking event, Chamber of Commerce or any other and they collect, share and trade business cards. For what purpose?

On the handout there is a series of boxes… that’s the map! Yes it’s that easy! Where does your process start? What are the steps? Where does it end? Does it end after something happens or after a specified period of time?

Last year I taught a Get Clients Now!™ class where professional service people set up an actionable plan that they execute over the next 28 days after the training session. If you work the plan you create in that class… I guarantee you will get more clients! But that’s the catch. Most people aren’t set up to execute the plan. They don’t know what to do with the prospects they get! They simply don’t have a process! They don’t have a map?

So, the question really is… Do you have a map? Do you need help with creating your map? I’d be interested in knowing.

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