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In order to live life to the fullest, it’s important to do all you can to improve yourself as a person. Whether that means achieving your dreams or developing your confidence, it’s important to focus on personal development. In this article, you’ll find personal development tips that will help you get the most out of life.

reflectionFor those looking to achieve personal development on a spiritual level, try a fast to connect to your body and your internal state of mind. This can help you conquer physical vices and bring you closer to your physical self. Assuming you have no health conditions (and be sure to get input from your doctor first), fasting is a great way to learn more about yourself. Personally, I use the season of Lent as a time of reflection.

It is imperative that you commit to keeping your cool in the presence of others. Allowing yourself to blow up and lose control can have devastating effects on the quality of your relationships and your reputation at home, school, or at work. Regular outbursts can quickly cause your peers to put up defensive shields around you for fear of lighting your fuse. Personally, I use some of the presuppositions of NLP and the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz to help me.

Make a list of your strongest qualities and most desirable traits, then pick one and improve upon it as much as possible. Do you enjoy teaching other people to learn new skills? Consider taking non-credit courses or attending seminars that can teach you how to become a more effective leader and communicator. Personally, I use my journal for this.

Replace an old habit with a new one. Toss out the negative and actively introduce and reinforce the positive. If you normally smoke when you are on a business call, start doodling instead. Enroll in an after work aerobics class to dissuade yourself from joining your co-workers at the corner bar. This one is tough for me… I don’t get enough physical exercise.

List all of your obstacles in life, major and minor, long-term and short-term. These can be hurdles from the past, present, or future. Explore the different ways that you were able to overcome past adversity, all of the possible solutions for your current issues or problems, and how you might prevent future hurdles or develop a contingency plan. Make the plan before the roadblock and you’ll be better off. But above all remain flexible.

Focus on one single task at a time. If you try to do more than one thing at a time, each task will take you longer to accomplish. Eliminate multitasking and you’ll have the extra time that you need to do the things you want. Another tough one for me.

When you have a plan to do something you should have it drawn out and stick to your plan. Changing plans too often creates too much havoc and a long list of half done and unfinished projects. Follow through with the things that you set out to do and do not put too much on your plate at once. I’ll admit it, I’m a great starter and ma learning how to be more of a finisher.

Make time every single day to do a little something for yourself. This is enormously important in personal development. Even if it is only fifteen minutes that you can dedicate to yourself, be sure to take it instead of giving yourself to everyone else in your life each and every day. This one is BIG.

There’s nothing stopping you from being the person you want to be. Now that you’ve read this article and some of my strategies, you know all sorts of things you can do to better yourself and reach your goals. Focus on applying as many of these tips to your life as you can. You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve.

A big part of being a better leader and a better business owner is being a better person.

To your success!

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