The Joy of Finishing

The Joy of Finishing

Procrastination can be a big problem for SBOs, however never finishing projects, programs and tasks can be deadly. In fact, when you really consider the implications, if you don’t finish things, how can you ever expect to operate a business?

  • Half finished products don’t sell.
  • First stage marketing efforts don’t produce results and sales.
  • Unfinished financials don’t impress bankers or lenders.
  • Postponed meetings don’t bring opportunities.

What a difference finishing makes!The list can go on and on. It isn’t just the business that suffers, it’s your self-esteem, too. It erodes at the same time that you lose the respect and trust of others. It’s a challenge for SBOs because there is always so much to do, but it is imperative that you become a finisher – your self-worth and business depends on it.

Use these strategies to become a finisher:

  • Have the big picture in mind. Knowing what the task, product or project will bring to the future.
  • Be accountable. There are consequences. Determine what they are and know you will face them – without question.
  • Organize and schedule your time. Take control of your time and become disciplined in planning.
  • Work with a partner. Creativity is expanded and accountability is more tangible. Innovation doesn’t come from a solo act.
  • Reward only finished work. Praise for effort only goes so far – it’s not the reward.

Get ‘r done as Larry the cable guy says. It’s amazing the effect that finishing can have on your business and on how you feel about yourself.

To Your Success!

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3 comments on “The Joy of Finishing
  1. Holly says:

    Great points, Jack! Planning and scheduling my time is one of the best habits I’ve created.

    I love this, “Innovation doesn’t come from a solo act.”

    Thanks for sharing!

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