The Relationship between 2 “C” words

There are 2 “C” words that, on the surface, don’t have much in common except the “C” and the “ence” at the end of each word. The two words are Competence and Confidence. These 2 words are like the Chinese concept yin and yang from Asian Philosophy. Where, as Wikipedia says, the concept is used to describe how polar opposites or seemingly contrary forces are interconnected and interdependent in the natural world, and how they give rise to each other in turn.

This concept became clear when working with one of our clients “Raymond” as he talked to another person, “Rodney” of the same profession. Raymond has a successful practice where he routinely and successfully conducts a certain procedure. (Facts are omitted because they don’t add to the purpose of the story.) Rodney wanted to conduct this procedure in the worst way but alas, he didn’t and most likely couldn’t. It’s not that he’s incompetent as a matter of fact he might be just as technically proficient at Raymond. The fact is he isn’t confident in doing the procedure… so he only wishes.

Here’s the lesson: When you are good at something, do it! Do it a whole bunch! If you want to be good at something, do it! Do it a whole bunch! Do it with perfect practice and deliberate intent. It’s only in doing that you get confidence. Confidence increases your competence and (You guessed it) Competence increases your Confidence!

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