They Define Customer Service

I know I said I was going to finish the conversation from last entry… But I had two tremendous Customer Service experiences this past week and I just have to share them with you! 

How do you define Customer Service? 

Here’s a good definition that I lived the past week, not by just one individual but two, from two different companies and I want to share my experiences. First, let me say, I think Customer Service is a make or break of long customer relationship. 

The first was with Sheri a Customer Service Representative at Pay-Pal. I hadn’t used my Pay-Pal debit card in some time and when I did I used it three times in a row. After that Pay-Pal figured that someone had taken my card and put a hold on the card. They called but the number they gave me was cut off when the message was given and I couldn’t make contact to rectify the situation. But, you see, I didn’t know all this when I went to dinner to celebrate the kids (Libby and John’s) perfect attendance at school. 

When I went to pay for the meal the card was declined. How embarrassing. I knew that it should work but it didn’t. I promptly called the number on the back of the card and that is when Sheri came on the line. I was pretty mad, embarrassed mostly as you can imagine. Sheri listened to me vent, reassured me that she could fix the situation and then stayed on the line with me until the card cleared at the restaurant. It took me 7 or 8 minutes to find our waiter to run the card (seems only the server that served us could run the card) and Sheri stayed on the line with me the entire time. Patiently waiting until my customer service issue was resolved. Making sure the fix she implemented actually worked and that I was okay. I couldn’t believe it. I have talked to “Bank” representatives before but none, ever, never were as nice and polite and patient at Sheri. 

The second example I want to share was just this past weekend. I had to make a quick trip to Las Vegas to work with a client at a seminar on Saturday. I had been at this particular hotel this past summer and Jason was at the front desk and I remembered him from his quick smile and welcoming attitude. This time I needed some things for the client and went to the front desk. Jason went above and beyond. He anticipated my needs, asked the right questions and made sure I had what I needed to take care of my client. If I needed something, like an extra table and chairs in the room, he made it his job to make sure it happened. The catering staff “hovered” around in the event I needed anything to help make the event a success. 

When you hear, see or feel an outstanding customer service experience that goes above and beyond your expectations you should make note of it. Why? Because every customer service experience I encounter from here on out will be measured against the service these two provided. That’s the same for you too. I will compare, can’t help it, the experience I get from you to that Sheri and Jason provided. Your clients do the same thing. It doesn’t matter if they had a great experience at carnival, they’ll compare it to you, your team and your company. 

We will talk about a contact management system… next time!


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