Top 3 Frustrating Leaders and How to Identify Them

Top 3 Frustrating Leaders and How to Identify Them

Are you a frustrating business owner?

Notice I didn’t say a frustrated business owner, I asked if you were a frustrating one … there’s a huge difference.

34218984_sAnd it’s a difference you can control – or at least improve. People can’t function productively when faced with leaders who create an environment of continual frustration. In fact, people won’t stay in those situations – whether they are employees, colleagues or clients.

Frustrating Leaders come in different personas. The three most prevalent:

1. The Grand Planner, Big Idea Person

This person has great ideas, but is going in all different directions at once. This person can be very dynamic and very inspirational. They are big picture people who don’t see the details or time frames involved in implementing a Big Idea.

2. The Perfectionist, Nit-Picker, or Micro-Manager

While this person can have high standards and final results are excellent, many projects never see a final result because it’s never quite right or good enough.

3. The Too-Busy Body

Teams need time, together; to work, to play, to plan, scheme, collaborate and to produce and re-calibrate. If everyone just does their own thing, thinking they are doing what’s best for the team, chances are great that there will be gaps and redundancies. Scatter-shot may cover territory, but it is not efficient or truly effective.

The interesting note is that frustrating leaders tend to be very frustrated, too. They are not getting the results they desire. There is a reason for that.

Frustrating leaders tend to not build effective teams. If you see any of these frustrating personas in the mirror as you gaze at your reflection, you have the time, power and ability to control and change what you don’t want to see.

A knowledgeable and objective set of eyes can help guide changes that make a real difference. If you need a hand, reach out. You – and your reports – will be thankful.

To Your Success,

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