Was I Wrong?

This past week while facilitating a Get Clients Now!™Program, I got into a conversation that I want to share with you. I was explaining that the fastest way to grow your business is to find the person or group who is serving your target audience and work with them. Work with them either in a Joint Venture or a Sell Through process of some sort. This person mentioned that he has a landscaping business and I mentioned my good friend, Michael Benjamin of WeedMan. Michael (his company) literally services close to one hundred homes each week. I mentioned that it might be a good idea to find someone like Michael and his company work with in their business. Their response to me was almost immediate and it was…” we do fertilizer too!”

It was almost as if… they didn’t want to be shown up in their business. Well that statement showed them up! I told him that Michael probably spills more lawn junk each week that their company buys in a month. That wasn’t an insult.. it was a “wake up call” Unless they specialize in lawn treatments and they don’t, give that part of the business up for the bigger picture.

Think about your business… where are you being stingy trying to make sure you get all the eggs? Remember that’s how the man with the golden goose started out.. then to make sure he got em all.. he killed the goose to see what was inside!

Was I wrong?

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