Why We Call ‘Em Liars

I once heard the late Jim Rohn explain, and very profoundly I might add, why liars are called liars. The reason? Because they lie! It’s just that simple, we call ’em liars because they lie.

That’s a pretty strong statement these days but 20 or so years ago, it would get a rousing laugh from the audience. Times change what’s accepted and what is not in language, behavior, business and in life.

What impression are you giving your customers?Several  months ago I was honored by being on the cover of the Hendricks County Business Leader publication. It was indeed an honor to be featured in the publication. I have to confess though that when I went to meet the publisher, Rick Myers, for my photo shoot I had a rude awakening. I showed up in a nice pair of dress pants, a nice starched dress shirt, freshly polished dress shoes and my signature red socks. Rick asked me, “where is your sport coat?” I replied that I didn’t have one with me to which he replied something along the line of “go get one!”

What do these two stories have in common? The image created in the onlooker’s mind of the person. One that of someone being a liar and the other of me not dressing professional enough to wear a sport coat. Both can be devastating to your (my) business. You certainly aren’t a liar but maybe you exaggerate from time to time, or arrive late for appointments or, [insert behavior pattern here].

What long term effect is it having on your business? That’s the question we all need to ponder.

To Your Success!


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